Youth Foundation Of Bangladesh

Youth for global peace

The Youth Foundation of Bangladesh has made a positive impact on the country and society by taking various initiatives for youth development and successfully implementing them for a long time. Not only the youth development activities, the Youth Foundation of Bangladesh has been participating relentlessly in all the developmental activities of the society. Realizing the rights of all the deprived people including children, women and the senior citizen. Details about us are given on this website

Who We Are

Dreaming and imagining a world for peace

We are youth; we are calling the power of the nation. Nation expansion depends on young progress but due to social complexities young people are fail to reach the aim and object what they containing in heart. They can’t set the aim and object due to sophistications of the social atmosphere whereas the future development of the nation depends on youth. Right now, if we failed to suggest them on the right way in right time then first they will destroy themselves thereafter the country. We need to create opportunities at the national and global level where young people can explore them and confirm their engagement to society. Requesting to the young people dont be demoralize and requesting to the capable people please fill up young people for future peace and sustainability. 

The platform Youth Foundation of Bangladesh working to aware and engage young people under some meaningful objectives. Lets do something better for all.

 Mohammad Safi Ul Alam
Founding President
Youth Foundation of Bangladesh

What We Do


Health & Sanitation

Bangladesh has made remarkable progress to in eliminating the practice of open defecation. But climbing the ‘sanitation ladder’ still represents a challenge.Access to sanitation remains moderate at 55.9 per cent. In Bangladesh, there is a high proportion of shared toilets particularly in urban slums, said the 2013 MICS survey.The knowledge of key hygiene messages is high in Bangladesh, but the practice of effective handwashing, the most effective hygiene behaviour, is very low.Just about 59.1 per cent of people practice handwashing with water and soap at critical times, found the 2013 UNICEF survey. Lack of proper sanitization puts the health of a large part of the people at risk. So YFB regularly organizes various programs on sanitation and health awareness.



Education is said to be the backbone of the nation. But the largest issue for the education system in Bangladesh is lack of quality. Overcrowding and under-qualified instructors have led to high dropout rates at the primary and secondary levels. In fact, while primary enrollment may be at 98%, it drops substantially to 22% at the higher secondary level. This is especially evident in rural communities where various social and economic factors can prevent safe access to education – things like natural disasters, child labor, family poverty, disability, gender abuse, child marriage, and poor sanitation. We are working on many issues that positively affect our education system.


Clean Water

The WHO estimates that 97% of the people of Bangladesh have access to water and only 40% percent have proper sanitation. With a staggering 60% of the population that has to endure unsafe drinking water, the nation is in danger. The availability of this water greatly fluctuates throughout the year as the warmer season brings massive amounts of water in frequent monsoons and the cooler season brings drought. The infrastructure cannot adequately deal with the barrage of water in monsoon season so the water is not saved for the drier months. Of the water that is available, over 80 percent is used for agriculture. Save Water Save Life is an important project of the Youth Foundation of Bangladesh in which we have taken various initiatives and are carrying out various awareness activities for almost 10 years.

Our Ongoing Programs

Climate Action Campaign Tracker (CACT)
Youth Engagement Program
Empowering Climate Change Migrants: Capacity building program to empower (by skill development) migrants due to climate change

Covid-19 Emergency Response Program

“Fate of Single Use Plastic (SUP) on inland water transport &
its catastrophic effect on River”
An awareness and participatory Program to Achieve SDG-6 & 14
Peace in Green
An awareness and tree plantation program
SDGs Center
Research, survey, monitoring program to track and measure performances of SDG initiatives