Covid-19 emergency response Program

Part of the steps we took during the Corona period

Year 2020 was a very significant year for all the nations and organizations. Because all the nations were setting commitments toward SDGs, global partnerships were strengthening in more resilient manner then ever and many very important conventions, conferences were supposed to be held on this year from where countries may come to important and strong partnerships toward sustainable development. Also world was coming in a harmony toward climate action, environmental commitment and justice. In a word it was a year to set the new roadmap of SDGs to be achieved by 2030 But this global catastrophe due to the practical consequences of the Novel Corona-virus outbreak (which WHO declared as Global Pandemic) caused a massive diversion on all the ongoing efforts and set the eradication of the threat the UTMOST PRIORITY. We (YFB) working with greatest community of youth in Bangladesh. We have successful program on poverty eradication, WASH, Education, Energy & Environment. We are also raising awareness and capacity building program on SDGs in Bangladesh as a member of UN Global compact and special status holder of UN-ECOSOC. Our country is one of the most densely populated and vulnerable country due to climate change and we had continuous programs all over the world unlike any NGO’s in the world. But this outbreak which just started in our country is the ultimate threat to a developing country like us and its effect and consequences will be fatal but inevitable. Thus we halted all our programs and making ourselves prepared for the upcoming challenges to face this outbreak. But we need guidelines, experiences and resources to face this ultimate threat. Also the real war will be the actions to be taken after the outbreak. Also the end will come with some responsibilities to the developed nations and NGO’s to work for the developing countries to help them overcome this catastrophic effect. Thus Youth Foundation of Bangladesh has initiated “Covid-19 Emergency Response Program” as a part of humanitarian activity and country preparedness and response program.

Program activities

 Awareness & Capacity building against the spread of Corona Virus 

 Workshop and seminar 

 Online and offline awareness campaign 

 country preparedness and response program. 

 Distributing hand sanitizer and mask.  

 Spray disinfectant in locality 

 Creating hand wash zone  Building shelter for homeless people 

 Free food and aid distribution 

 Research on the aftermath and consequences of the pandemic