AS a developing country, it's human rights are ignored by the service oriented department. People are being denied their rights. The Bangladesh Human Rights Action Unit (BHRAU) is working to confirm human fundamental rights at its all levels.

Steps taken by Bangladesh Human Rights Action Unit to protect human rights -
1. Highlighting human rights.
2. To ensure the right to know human rights.
3. Ensuring human rights.
4. Provide information on human rights.
5. To establish human justice through village arbitration center.

UN Human Rights Declaration of 30 articles of rights are: Introductory articles:

We are all born free and equal

Freedom from Discrimination

Right to Life

Freedom from Slavery

Freedom from Torture

Right to Recognition Before the Law

Right to Equality Before the Law

Right to Remedy

Freedom from Arbitrary Detention

Right to a Fair Trial

Presumption of Innocence and International Crimes

Right to Privacy

Freedom of Movement

Right to Asylum

Right to Nationality

Right to Marry and to Find a Family

Right to Own Property

Freedom of Religion or Belief

Freedom of Opinion and Expression

Freedom of Assembly and Association

A Short Course in Democracy

Right to Social Security

Right to Work

Right to Rest and Leisure

Right to Adequate Standard of Living

Right to Education

Right to Cultural, Artistic and Scientific Life

Right to a Free and Fair World

Duty to Your Community

Rights are Inalienable