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Youth Foundation of Bangladesh(YFB); we are working with the most powerful portion of our population YOUTH. Because Youth are the future leaders, planners and decision-makers of our nation thus the world. They are the most energetic and productive segment of the total population.

We are working for eradication of poverty, quality education, gender equity, empowerment of youth, reducing inequality, human rights and addressing social, economic & environmental problems with our energetic team and vast network of youth volunteer across the country thus world. Since 2009 we are building capacity & awareness among the people of Bangladesh through our dynamic programs which created a decent acceptability for YFB in national and international arena.

Since the beginning we initiated many programs which were mainly youth-centric and dedicated for awareness building of people. Soon after the initiation of SDGs in 2015 we adopted all our programs with specific goals of SDGs and our ultimate goal set to building capacity of our nations and neighboring countries for achieving sustainability by 2030. Also each year we with our team designing pathway and finding solutions for the challenges of achieving SDGs. Thus we are bringing new programs which carries strong values and vast impact on our population.